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What We Offer

Specialist Tyres for all types of cars and vehicles, large and small.

Our tyres can be professionally fitted at our depot on the Greenhills Road, Walkinstown, Dublin 12. We can fit while you wait or make an appointment today at a time and location that is good for you. If you can't come and visit us we can bring our fast and reliable tyre fitting service to you.

Car Tyres

From family saloon right up to highest performance cars - Aston Martin, Bentley, Brabus, Ferrari, Lamborgini, Porsche, Project Kahn.

4 x 4 Tyres & SUV

We are pleased to announce we are a direct agent for the popular BF Goodrich range of Tyres, full range in stock together with the full range of Goodyear 4x4 tyres.

Van Tyres

Vast amount in stock including the full BF Goodrich range. We can visit you and provide high quality service at your place.

Truck Tyres

Michelin, Bridgestone, Goodyear, economy, retreads and remoulds.

Plant and Industrial

We supply tyres for a wide range of vehicles used at construction sites and industrial plants.

Crane Tyres

Full range of Michelin held at all times.

Mobile Tyre Fitting

At Tyremaster we understand that your time is of a premium, at Tyremaster we can help save you time by using our mobile service where we can fit tyres at your convenience and location.

  • Tyre service at your place

    This could be at your work or home to make the most of your precious time., we can agree an appointment and place and we will come to you to fit them.

  • Emergency assistance

    We can now provide this service to private motorists, you never have to be stuck on the side of the road again, we are just a phone call away from you.

  • Experienced Team

    Our vast range of tyres are supplied, fitted and balanced at your choice of location. Our fleet of mobile tyre fitting units are fitted with the latest equipment, covering the greater Dublin area

  • Professional equipment

    Tyre changing machines suitable for all types of tyres. Digital wheel balancing machines. Pneumatic air jacks offering protection of your vehicle during replacements.

Tyre Puncture Repairs

At Tyremaster safety is paramount. If any of the following conditions are present on inspection of your punctured tyre a repair will not be possible

  • Damage of any description to the side wall of the tyre.
  • Visible wire on the tread or bead.
  • The punctured area is too large to be safely patched.
  • Minimum permitted tread depth has already reached
  • Signs of inner damage not visible on the outside due to overheating caused by low pressure
You can save your money

When you have a punctured tyre we will inspect your punctured tyres suitability for repair. 
We understand that unexpected tyre purchases can impact your budget and if we deem your tyre is repairable we will offer our puncture repair service.
If the tyre is deemed irreparable we always have an extensive stock holding and can offer you a new tyre to purchase for your vehicle, at a price to suit all budgets.  

Wheel alignment service.

Wheel alignment also known as tracking, is an important part of the smooth running and safety of your car, incorrect alignment or misalignment can result in the rapid and uneven tyre wear. This can have an effect on handling, safety and fuel economy. Misalignment can occur as result of impact such as potholes and kerbing, it can also occur from having certain mechanical repairs involving wheel or steering related components.
Wheel alignment involves checking the various angles of the wheels against the vehicle manufacturers specifications. Symptoms of misalignment will be experienced by the steering pulling to one side or the appearance of uneven or premature wear if you are experiencing these symptoms you should call us today or visit our depot to have your vehicles wheels professionally aligned by our technicians.
We recommend getting your wheels aligned every time you purchase a new set of tyres, wheel alignment is relatively inexpensive and will save you money in the longer term. Our team of highly trained technicians can examine your vehicle using our modern state of the art equipment to make the wheel adjustments to bring your vehicle back in line with the manufacturers specifications.

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