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B2B Services

Fleet Services

If your company would like its tyre policy analysed and a package put in place which can encompass fleet tyre checks safety for your employee and vehicle, ethical tyre removal & disposal, and tyre roadside assistance around the clock.

We have extensive experience in offering fleet tyre programmes. We can assess your tyre policy and offer you competitive prices, tyre management and our unrivalled 24 hour tyre breakdown service.


Weekly checks

Comprehensive tyre checks weekly.


Tyre history

Historical archive of vehicle tyre history.


Inspection reports

Reports available to view after each inspection.


Best practice

Promotes best practice and welfare for employee and vehicle.



Proactive approach to maintenance, safety and compliance.


Prolong tyre life

Prolong the life of your tyres (twinning and turning of tyres)

We are always ready to take your call and offer our expert advice

At Tyremaster, we provide a service to the general public, B2B and the motor/tyre trade. Our professional services promote tyre safety for motorists and their vehicles. We are always ready to take your call and offer our expert advice on your tyre requirements from a family car to large company fleets we have the knowledge and resources to assist you or your business.
At our depot, you will find a welcoming reception complete with complimentary tea and coffee, free WIFI and the newspapers of the day while you wait.

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